Pre-Alpha Build and Live on Kickstarter!

Hello All! We’ve released the Pre-Alpha Build of Battle Princess Madelyn on Steam at Click Download Demo to give the first level (five stages, 3 main and 2 secret) a try ! Also, we’ve launched a Kickstarter! Come check out some of the unique Battle Princess Madelyn rewards on offer while the campaign is […]

Battle Princess Madelyn and the Normal Maps!

Hey Guys! We’re still here working on Maddi’s game – busy with our day jobs as usual but still squeezing in the time to get the game up and running in Unity and then some! Here is what we’ve been up to in the past little while: New levels/stages designed: On top of porting the […]

Battle Princess Madelyn gets New Stages, weapons and a Logo!

Well, it's been an eventful few months since we've announced the game and the support and interest has been absolutely outstanding! So first we'll thank you for all the love!! On a sad note, the real Fritzy has passed on to doggy heaven. He was roughly 18 years old and had a heck of a [...]

Battle Princess Madelyn is Console first *then maybe* Windows etc.

Battle Princess Madelyn is Console first!!! Well it seems people are speculating that Battle Princess Madelyn is going to be a Windows only game because Insanity's Blade was. We're programming the game in Unity to put it on consoles first! At no point was it said that the game was going to be Windows only. [...]

It’s Official! Battle Princess Madelyn is a Go! Happy Birthday Maddi <3 <3

Happy Birthday to my beautiful princess Madelyn who turned 5 today! You get your own video game! My daughter wanted to be in Ghouls 'n Ghosts and fight "Green Head", I said it was someone else's game but I could make her one that was like it. Then she said "But girls can't be knights, [...]

The Game is Complete! Demos now Available!

Finally – the game is ready. It will be going on sale Sept 1st/2nd. We will post details here about where you can buy it. For now, here are the usual  flavours of the demo. Please report any bugs to, Thanks! WINDOWS OSX LINUX32 LINUX64 Minimum PC Specs: OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8.1+ Processor: […]

Extra enemies…

Hey Everyone! Well, the bug fixing is still coming along but we’re finally getting close to the tweaking stage! We have some exciting updates to share too! Since only one of us can be in the code at a time, I’ve been doing extra art assets for the game! In the past two nights I’ve […]

Insanity’s Blade is being pushed to TBA status

Hey everyone, Well we have the game completed aside of a few minor glitches. But we’ve had people testing the game and all have made suggestions to game play mechanics, sounds issues, and other little things. So we’ve talked it over and decided to put the game intoTBA status for the public. While the game plays […]

A big bad bug – The beta testing has paid off!

Hey Everyone! So Bug testing has paid off. There was a game breaking bug that we need to make sure we have completely ironed out before launch. So to play it safe we are going to push the date back to the 10th of June. This bug can actually stop progression through the game and it may have […]

Good news, bad news…

Hey everyone! Well it looks like that little setback with the development tool cost us our bug testing time. And we’re not comfortable with releasing the game with only a day or two of testing. So we’re going to hold the game back until the 27th of May. We are just putting the finishing touches on the […]

Official Trailer is out!

We’re excited to release the official trailer and countdown to the release of Insanity’s Blade!

Progress and Problems.

Hey all! It’s been awhile since we’ve posted an update. We’ve been hard at work on the game! But we’ve finally hit a wall with the program we use to code it. For the past two weeks the program has been crashing on us constantly. We’ve been saving every few minutes to avoid data loss […]

Insanity’s Blade Level Rebuilds!!

Completely rebuilt stages, tons of additional graphics, better enemy graphics… sound and the real sound track! With the addition of the second player, we’ve decided that the old Nintendo styled stages were no longer going to work. We’ve made them all more arcade or SNES like in order to accommodate both players on screen, no […]

Causal Bit Games is officially a Nintendo approved developer!

Causal Bit Games is proud to announce that we are now officially a Nintendo approved developers. We have two games already planned for the Wii U, with Insanity’s blade being the first release. Even though the development for the new platform is on its early stages, we are working hard to make the release of […]

16-bit/Arcade Game it is!

Aside of a few people here asking to keep the 8-bit as an option, 16-bit+ has gone over extremely well on all fronts! So we will continue along as Insanity’s Blade: The Arcade Experience! I’ve already made many more changes to art and we are currently rethinking the HUD. We’ve also added in a very […]

Insanity’s Blade the “Arcade” Experience?

You read that right! We’ve put about 18+ hours into updating the graphics in the demo (separate set of working files) over the weekend and updated all of the graphics to full color in the game. So technically it’s no longer the 8-bit experience if we go down this route. So before I pull the […]

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Causal Bit Games! It’s been a busy few days since the Kickstarter campaign successfully ended! We’ve been hard at work on some new bits! Announcing the shooter stages!! We decided that platforming, zombie surfing and mini games were not giving us the full game feeling we wanted, […]

A Final (Kickstarter) Thank You!

Thank you all!!! It’s thanks to each one of you for spreading the word and backing the campaign that Insanity’s Blade is funded, let alone the bonus stretch goals of Corpse Surfing and Arena arcade modes! Because of you, these arcade modes will be fully fleshed out with multiple characters to choose from and competitive […]

A special shout out to Dan Rhodenizer! And a big thank you for your support in the final 12 hours!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to send out a big thank you to Dan Rhodenizer who just jumped on board with us in the last little while to help with marketing. He has been relentless with emailing sites, tweeting and contacting anyone he can in order to help us succeed!! He’d taken a large amount of […]

New Co-Op Footage and Final 48 Hours!

Well, we finally had a little time to do a co-op game play clip! So here it is!! This shows of not only the second player in action, but also the new coin system, and HUD! (Hogging the loot is fun!) Enjoy! Chris & Daven PS: The Kickstarter pre-order is a great chance to […]

Over 100% Funded! Demo Co-Op, HUD updates, and more released!

It’s that magical time again on Sunday night/Monday morning where we release our demo with a game play vid! This time we bring you the following features on top of Friday night’s Co-Op demo: All new heads up display. Now you can keep track of both players health, level progression, lives, score and money all […]

Another Sunday night/Monday morning, another huge demo update!!!

Hey everyone! It’s been quiet for the past few days but our Kickstarter for Insanity’s Blade is still going strong! We’re at 71% funded and have 9 days to go, thank you all for supporting us so far! Well we’ve gone and done another crazy update to the game play which directly affects the demo […]

Linux Yay! (And other stuff)

Hey everyone! We’re finally ready to begin testing the Linux version of Insanity’s Blade, which comes in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors! We also want to let you know that we’re dropping the stretch goal for Wii U to $8000! Thank you all for your support so far and we hope you enjoy this new update!! […]

New gameplay video – Stage 2 (zombie sledding!)

So we got stage two together enough to show you how it looks. This is the third rebuild of this stage. It started out as 15 minutes long then 10, now 5 minutes! But it’s harder and 100x more fun. And now I will introduce the first stage which features Corpse Surfing! While escaping the […]

Insanity’s Blade – Press Kit Released!

Thank you all for their huge support so far! The Insanity’s Blade Kickstarter is now already over 35% funded with 21 days to go! We’ve just finished our Press Kit for the game, which has a personal message from Causal Bit Games founder Christopher Obritsch, and further back-story on the story of Thurstan and Insanity’s […]

Over 30% funded on Kickstarter!

We’re at the end of the first week and are already over 30% funded! We want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone whose donated and supported the Kickstarter campaign for Insanity’s Blade so far by spreading the word! It’s with all your help that makes this game awesome!

New Insanity’s Blade Kickstarter Trailer!

We’ve created a new trailer for the Kickstarter campaign! Featuring an interview with founder Christopher Obritsch and further background of the Insanity’s Blade story development! Our first video released for the Kickstarter is also still available on YouTube:

What’s that? Mac version working? Demo inside!

To our new backers, welcome aboard and thank you kindly! We hope you enjoy our game! We’ve compiled a mac version of the game but it will more than likely require a recent/up to date mac to run. Give us some feed back. If it’s good then we may go ahead with a mac release […]

Insanity’s Blade – Kickstarter Live!

The Kickstarter for Insanity’s Blade – The Ultimate 8-bit Experience is live! Check it out at Here’s some media from the game so far! You can help make Insanity’s Blade awesome by liking us on Facebook and sharing the link to the Kickstarter with friends or on your social networks!  

Insanity’s Blade demo for Windows now live!

Insanity’s Blade demo for Windows now live! You can pick it up at the following link: Insanity’s Blade Windows Demo!! Keyboard and Gamepad for controls! Keyboard keys: Z and X – Jump and Shoot Arrow keys – move Enter – Pause/Stats F4 – Quit F11 – Toggle Full Screen

Introducing – Insanity’s Blade

A little info about Insanity’s Blade:   – The game is a side scrolling action/adventure with rpg elements in it. – Based on a comic I had created about 10 years ago. – Uses most limitations of the NES to make the experience as close as possible to the “golden oldies”. There will be no […]

Site Launched!!

Welcome to the official Causal Bit Games site! Here you will find up to date news on our current titles as well as team personal projects!